Since its inception in 1997, NEP Media Services has carved out a position as an important provider of network and television services in Scandinavia. We are known for our high quality and are recognised as being highly creative and innovative. We are headquartered at the Oslo Broadcast Center in Økern in Oslo and currently have more than 40 employees.

In recent years, we have landed major contracts with the largest operators in the Norwegian television industry, including NRK, Norges Televisjon (NTV) and Discovery.

NEP Media Services AS forms part of the American NEP Group. The group employs a total of 3,000 people who supply services to the television and media industry across the world.

We are seeking:


NEP Media Services continues to grow and is seeking a web developer who is passionate about shaping the systems and web solutions of the future. As a developer with NEP Media Services, you will play a key role in the further development of our media bank and participate in other development projects both internally and externally.

You should have a strong and genuine interest in web-related technology and knowledge about and experience in working with the following technological solutions:

  • JavaScript
  • Backbone, Marionette
  • HTML5, CSS3

Having an interest in or experience of working with data structures, data modelling and data transformation will be an advantage. 

This position requires the following personal attributes: 

  • Working in a structured way and having the ability to work to deadlines
  • Focusing on quality and having the ability to document
  • Having the ability to acquire new knowledge and adapt to new technology quickly
  • Being flexible and willing to learn
  • Being able to withstand high levels of time and work pressure during peak periods
  • Being able to work well both internally and externally
  • Possessing an excellent command of both written and spoken English

We offer:

  • Competitive terms and excellent staff benefits
  • Excellent personal and professional development opportunities with a company in growth
  • A strong professional environment characterised by great commitment and a focus on developing innovative services

For further information about the position, please contact Bjørn Waagø at Personal Utvelgelse AS, tel: 900 96 668.

Region: Oslo
Job type: Permanent
Working hours: Full-time
Application deadline: As soon as possible
Location: Oslo
Contacts: Bjørn Waagø
Mobile: +47 900 96 668

Company homepage: